Here is what some of the participants who have completed the Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools - Administrator Series program are saying about their experience:


"If you want to begin to better understand yourself and grow in a leadership role, this is the seminar for you. Though provoking, stimulating, and very applicable on a daily basis." - Dean of Faculty



"Gaining a better sense of one's management style and the need to understand how it needs to be adapted to other members of your team was very beneficial to me." - CFO



"The Leadership Excellence Program gave me a new perspective about how I approach my role and the affect I can have on others. Workshops provided a base knowledge on the fundamentals of leadership and communication. Coaching sessions gave me personal insight on how to apply the skills taught."- Director of Human Resources



"It made me more aware of myself as a leader and how I act and am perceived by others. It has given me the tools on how to manage individuals with different Social Styles." - Controller



"The thought that there are different ways to deal with different people was never considered until now. You see the power of good leaders first-hand but never consider it's the approach to a conversation that drives that power." - Director of Physical Plant



"The workshop was excellent. I learned a lot about myself and the tools that I need going forward that will make me successful." - Director of Human Resources