Leadership Coaching

Who is it for?

Individual coaching is for high-potential individuals who need a little help breaking through to the next level, or for individuals who have some specific areas they need help improving.

It is a personal interaction between the coach and the coachee in which we identify what objectives the individual has or what breakdowns they are experiencing. Then we identify where the individual is with regard to their skill, awareness, capability, and capacity. Next, we develop a plan and approach for how we bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Finally, the coach helps to ensure that you are making progress to get to your goal.


Where it happens:

Because this is an individual interaction, coaching will be coordinated as schedules permit. Coaching is done in-person, via telephone, or via Skype depending on the needs of the individual. 


What is coaching?

Frequently, people ask, "What is the difference between coaching, consulting, therapy, mentoring, and training?" Here is an example that might help put it all into perspective.

Say you wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle. You could hire a therapist, a consultant, a trainer, a mentor, or a coach. 

The therapist would encourage you to talk about your fear of riding a bicycle.

The consultant would explain to you how it ís done.

The trainer would present what others have done to be successful on the bike, complete with role-play and assisting you through visualizing yourself on the bike.

The mentor would get on the bike and show you how to ride.

The coach, however, would encourage you to hop on the bike, and then would run alongside you until you were steady enough to go on your own.

To help schools create a culture of creative collaboration, and to help individuals become the best leaders they can, we may use a combination of coaching, consulting, and training to help schools address their culture. However, we don't do therapy. That is reserved for other specialties and areas of expertise.