The Challenges Facing Independent Schools

School and Cherry BlossomsPrivate and independent schools operate in an environment like no other. Here students, faculty, administrators, and staff lead lives that are entirely intertwined through the educational journey. At the same time, this growth- and learning-focused community must operate as a sustainable business endeavor.

Research has proven that the most effective way to go beyond sustaining the status quo and to achieve breakthrough results is to create a culture of creative collaboration. Schools with a culture of collaboration, and with leaders who build and put trust in that culture, experience historically high fundraising results, effectively leveraged school budgets and school resources, and high-performing teams that proactively coordinate action.

What is the Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools? 


The Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools is the premier authority for delivering solutions around creating high performing, collaborative cultures, and developing impactful leadership capabilities at all levels in independent schools. This is done through a customized series of training and coaching to address the specific needs of schools. No other organization focuses on collaboration and leadership solutions exclusively for independent schools.

We are committed to enabling administrators and school leaders to elevate their leadership influence and the impact of their schools and communities to generate results that matter.


Find the Right Solution Series for You and Your School

School leaders at each level of the organization have unique responsibilities, challenges, demands, and strategies. That is why we offer unique series of programs designed to create new patterns of behavior, and then teach team-building, leadership and high-performance communication skills that establish dynamic, engaging cultures that dramatically improve results.

Take your skills to the next level—and help propel your independent school forward. Click on the links below to  learn more about the Center for Leadership Excellence series that is right for you.


Administrator Series

Who Should Attend?

This series is for current Administrators looking to strengthen their leadership abilities and individuals in the organization being groomed for Administrative and leadership roles.


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Manager Series 

Who Should Attend?

This series is for direct managers and department leaders who are new to the role of manager or who want to do more with what they have.


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Team Collaboration Series

Who Should Attend?

This series is for in-tact or newly formed teams within a single school. These teams can be project tearms, functional teams, or cross-functional teams.


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Student Leadership Essentials Series

Who Should Attend?

This series is for student leaders on campus (RA, Prefect, Peer Counselor, Student Council, Team Captains, campus life, etc.).


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Individual Coaching

Sometimes schools have specific and immediate needs. This is where individual, one-on-one coaching comes in. Private coaching is for high-potential individuals who need a little help breaking through to the next level, or for individuals who have some specific areas they need help improving. 


Learn More about Individual Coaching


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The Center for Leadership Excellence in Independent Schools is partnering with TANGO, in its continual commitment to serve and support the independent school community.


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